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Royal Group India is a leading supplier of automotive sheet metal and tubular components, and has a strong presence in the country in various industry segments. Royal Group India set up its manufacturing operations in 1975 by Mr. V.K.Marwah, and has grown over the years to 4 manufacturing sites in Faridabad region and a development center in Manesar for manufacturing of automotive sheet metal and tubular components .

Royal Group India have a growing presence in the automobile industry, after market components, consulting services, financial services, real estate, retail and consumer durables (home appliances) & for OEM we are supplying 2.0 Lac parts per day..

Tarun Marwah ,an MBA Graduate from Singapore, Joined Royal group in 2008. With his vision, the group has expanded multi fold with 20% growth per year. His focus on building group Image and expanding business in the Field of Medical and Rehabilitation, industry is slowly Taking shape, along with the current business with Auto Giants. With 3 more companies added, under his guidance shows the growth trend, of the group. His vision of expanding the group in various sectors of consumer industry focusing mainly to Export market, is definitely on a growing trend.

Royal Group India
operates through
the following
Having instilled a
strong belief in "Doing
the Right Things Right
the First Time"
throughout the fabric
of the company, we
take great pride in not
just satisfying, but in
our customers.